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Giga Coaster Ratings not available

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I have built a new Giga Coaster for my park 'Singha', and after a while of waiting the ratings wont show up for the ride.

None of the rides in my park are built with cheats.

Also, the rides built previous to this have excitement ratings on them, and the only rides that dont are rides that are built just for scenery.

Below are the downloads i believe required to open the park


Other rides.png

Future Town update.zip GREENTIL (2).zip

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On 27/03/2020 at 00:35, Shinryu_ZERO said:

did you close the ride after train 1 left, to prevent the 2nd from crashing into the 1st if it didn't clear the hill? if you did, thats the problem; if you revert it to testing the ratings should show.

Hi no im afraid this hasnt worked, i have even changed the coaster to just 1 train and have it on continuous circuit mode to see if that gets me any results but it still hasnt worked.

I have also demolished and rebuilt the coaster and still the problem persists 

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