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4Ds now broken when opening saves.

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It seems with the latest version 4D coasters now often lose their assigned angle properties when loading a saved the game.  It seems to reset every track piece to 180degrees. 


This doesn't happen every single time but it seems to happen the majority of the time. 

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I cannot reproduce this. Which build are you talking about, and could you provide a set of steps to reproduce or an affected save (one that loads correctly in vanilla/old OpenRCT2 versions, but incorrectly in current versions)?

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I've been having a play around. It seems the issue comes when setting 4D track to another type of track. Previously this would keep the assigned rotation values for the cars on each bit of track but in later versions it seems to no longer do this.

In the attached image the ride on the left which has had its track set to Twister Coaster is not rotating like the ride on the right. Both loops of track are identical with a slow rotation set along the straight the car is on, changing 45 degrees for each track piece the train crosses.

This image was taken in version 0.2.5 (2020-03-24) and when loading the saved game (which i have also attached) the ride on the left has reset all the 4D position settings to -180degrees

I also have version 0.1.2 available and if I open the exact same save file then the 4D positions settings are set correctly and the ride on the left rotates in the same way as the ride on the right.

Hope thats a bit clearer.








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A little more research shows the bug appears in 0.2.3. Before them it wasn't present

A couple more examples of this bug in action taken from this park that was released a couple of years ago.


Since the release several of the rides no longer operate as they were designed.

version 0.1.2 - Cars on Mack-E-Motion coaster tilt on corners


version 0.2.5 - Cars no longer tilt and are locked to position



version 0.1.2 - Cars on Ghost Train rotate to look at different scenes


version 0.2.5 - Cars are locked to one position and all look the same way





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