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What does this mean, exactly? Does it increase the limit for lateral g’s to... not be as ridiculous as it currently is in the unmodded game? Therefore, will guests get less sick as the limit would be higher than per usual?

Fix: [#8136] Excessive lateral G penalty is too excessive.”

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8136 is the issue number, you can read the issue for more information. In short, the penalty for excessive lateral Gs was higher in OpenRCT2 than it was in vanilla (which was the result of a previous change), so it has now been changed to match the original game. It does not change the limit, it just reduces the intensity penalty you get for exceeding the limit.

The lateral G limits in the unmodded game are not ridiculous, they're actually quite generous - to trigger this penalty you need at least 2.81 lateral Gs which is extremely high.

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