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custom everything?

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i've seen a few posts here of people showcasing varios things like custom flat rides, paths, walls/roof, coaster, trains etc. and i'd like to know how can I get that content? I remember a lot of time back i had a few but I think they got downloaded from an online server, i'm not new to openRCT2 but i've never known how to get this stuff.

I'd appreciate some info and clarifications.

thx :)

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To install custom objects, you simply place the files in your OpenRCT2/object folder. If you don't know where this is, click on the red toolbox in the main menu and select "Open Custom Content Folder". You will need to restart the game after adding custom content for the game to find it.

Custom content can also be obtained by downloading parks that use it - when you open a park, any custom objects that it contains will (usually) be installed automatically. Same goes for multiplayer servers.

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19 hours ago, PlasmaGD said:

thanks!, where is the best place to download custom content?

New Element has by far the largest collection of custom objects, but it's difficult to find what you're looking for there. I recommend downloading some of the workbenches listed on the right hand side, as they contain a selection of commonly used custom scenery objects. Downloading parks and joining multiplayer servers is another way to get custom content.

If you are looking for something specific, it's probably best to just ask - it would be nice if we had a readily searchable database where you could find things easily, but we don't really.

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