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Bug/Miscalculation with On-Ride Photos

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I noticed that the calculation for On-Ride Photos makes the assumption that every single guest that rides the ride buys a Photo.

Here it shows that 696 customers ride this ride per hour: https://imgur.com/a/ZtZVa3F

Here it says that the Income per hour is $1531.20: https://imgur.com/a/F2qwt0u

I had each photo priced at $2.40 which gives $2.20 profit per photo sold. 696 x 2.2 is 1531.20. So the game is calculating that every single guest is buying an On-Ride Photo. In reality 10 people out of 100 have bought an On-Ride Photo so far, so the actual income is more like $153/hour which is lower than the upkeep. The game isn't giving the extra money or anything, it just shows the wrong number for how much money is coming in. There would either need to be a "Customers that bought On-Ride Photo per hour" or after taking the "Customer" value per hour (in this case 696) it would need to be multiplied by the ratio of guests who went on the ride, compared to guests who bought an On-Ride Photo, so in this particular case 100 rode the ride, 10 bought a Photo, so the income off of On-Ride Photo's needs to be divided by 10.

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