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Bug: Another mechanic is called to repair a ride, which has just been repaired by someone

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Since I installed OpenRTC I noticed some weird behaviour around mechanics. (haven't experienced it on the 'vanilla' version). It's not about the 'tweezing' of mechanics, and I don't think it's like Fix: [#9953].

When a ride breaks down, a mechanic is called to fix it. After the ride is repaired, I almost always see in the mechanic overview, another mechanic is called to fix the ride again (no message that the ride broke down in the message board). This seems to be a random mechanic, sometimes from the other side of the map. When you check the ride, it is up and running again (doesn't need to be fixed). When the mechanic reaches the ride, it glitches and starts 'flying' over the map (don't have a screenshot for that yet).

This requires a lot of mechanics, because everything needs to be fixed twice..

Have seen it on every map I have played so far. I use the release branch from OpenRTC. I have RTC, RTC and all DLCs installed.

EDIT: Also seen it on the develop branch version.

Example of a mechanic for a ride that doesn't need to be fixed:


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