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When do guests get hungry/thirsty? RCT1

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I was happy to find that openRTC2 also lets you add RTC1's parks, but I'm confused about something. When do these people get hungry or thirsty? Oh yeah, they'll puke, but I get to July in the first year and still nobody cares about the drinks stall. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? It's not that big a park, I like to build slow. But I would have thought somebody would have at least wanted a drink by that point.

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Queue lines aren't necessary for any ride, but entrances and exits are. If there is no queue line leading up to a rides entrance, the peeps will board the ride one at a time, but sporadically. If there is a queue line leading into a rides entrance, the peeps will wait in line to board the ride as a group. 

Check and set the rides boarding limits (how many people it fits) you can adjust these and waiting time, and wait for full load settings.

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