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Probably a Stupid Question about Servers

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Hello! I am a long time fan of RCT, and I play openRCT from my MacBook on my University's wifi. I would like to play cooperatively with a friend out of state, but I have ZERO knowledge of servers or how they work. Can my friend simply punch in my IP address to join my game? How can I start a server? I would be beyond grateful if anyone is willing to take the time to¬†explain to me ūüôā¬†thank you!!

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Your university's wifi will most likely not give you an IP address that your friend can reach. That means you have two options:

  • If your friend has control over their internet connection (i.e. it's not a university network or something like that), they can set up the server and have to open the appropriate port in the firewall (by default, OpenRCT2 uses TCP port 11753).
  • If your friend does not have control over their internet connection, you will need to use software like Hamachi to create a VPN between the two of you, which will effectively create a LAN. Then either of you can host the server.

Starting a server is easy: you just open the Multiplayer window and click ‚ÄúStart server‚ÄĚ.

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