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Support modern format custom music and more


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I was wanting to be able to add better custom music to my OpenRTC2 game, but I noticed the crap old RAW format they want it in.

Is there a way we could add support for newer formats.   Particularly Ogg and WebM-Audio using Vorbis, Opus and FLAC codecs should be supported out of box. 

Additionally, support should be available for WebM container AAC as well as MPEG container AAC and MP3 if system support libraries are available.   In the spirit of Open Source, these patent encumbered formats should rely on external libraries and soft-fail by not supporting such formats if those libraries simply aren't found. 

We should encourage people to use WebM/Opus as this is the ideal "fully open" format available right now.

As a note, if we could make a data repackager for Android that repackages the sound data in Opus (conveniently supported by EVERY Android device currently in the market) we could reduce the game data size to a fraction of what it was, making it ideal for that old tablet you have.

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