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Open RCT does not work anymore when connected to the internet

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So about a week ago i decided to start up open RCT again to keep building my park but for some reason i can't click on play. its not updating or anything. the only way to play now is to disconnect from the internet and play offline. is there a way to fix this? i would like to play online in the future.





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I am experiencing this today as well, yesterday I did not have this problem, but today I do. When I disconnect from the internet I can press play and the bar where the update process is shown says "Network Session Error"

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I assume you're talking about the Launcher here. The launcher likely tries to download an update, but for some reason the request times out. Try launching the game directly (so not with the launcher, which is not officially part of OpenRCT2), and the game should open immediately.

If you do experience the play button being greyed out, just wait for 30 seconds and it should be enabled, even if you get an error.

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