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Framerate issues on Mac

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I have just installed OpenRCT2 on my Mac (late 2013 Retina, 2ghz i7, 8gb 1600mhz ddr3, Intel Iris pro 1536mb)

v0.2.3 "Tim the Enchanter

I can't get the game to run playable, the frame-rate is so low, everything moves jerky. I tried lowering the resolution, bus this barely helps. Even on the lowest settings, my Mac immediately starts cooling. What can I do or check?

I installed the game by downloading it from GOG, installing it via Parallels and copying files to my personal Mac programs folder.

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How odd. Your specs exceed the minimum by a very large margin, as even very modest computers should be able to run it.

What render mode is the game set to? If it's OpenGL, try changing it to software rendering. (macOS' OpenGL support is a disgrace.)

Also, you didn't specify which version of macOS you have. We'll need to know that.

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I have the latest OS version, Mojave 10.14.6 (18G87) I did set the game on OpenGL. 


I tried setting the game to "software, diverted via hardware". Now it's running much better! 

Now that it's running better, I tried day and night cycle and lighting effects. But again the frame-rate drops immediatly.

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The lighting effects are quite buggy unfortunately. (It's why we labelled them experimental)

If you check the option "FPS tonen", OpenRC2 will show the framerate at the top of the screen.

What framerate does it show for, say, Six Flags over Texas? And what is your screen resolution? Do you use window scaling in OpenRCT2 (it's toggled by "Vergrotingsfactor").

Finally: it could be that setting the rendering mode to just "Software" (as opposed to "Software, omgeleid via hardware") will net you a few extra FPS. The latter mode is mostly there to support lighting effects and make capturing the screen easier.

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