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"Player 2" cant interact with the park

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Basically the title, my fiance and I are totally new to playing online and want to play together. I can get the server started and she can join, but she can't seem to do anything with the park. She is listed as a User not a Spectator. She will click to build the ride and instead of the ride popping up where her cursor is, nothing happens, the window that you use to select which ride you want disappears and that is it. 
I hope that isn't too vague but I'm not sure how else to explain it. Is there a step you have to do after you join the server to start building things?


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In the Groups tab in the network window (the one with the pointing finger), make sure that the user group has the permissions set that you want. There should be checkmarks in front of each line, and if not simply click on it to toggle that specific permission.

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