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RCTC Exports not opening in OpenRCT2

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Hello all!

I've been playing RCT Classic (Steam) on Mac for a couple of months, and now want to move to OpenRCT. I bought the Triple Thrill Pack and RCT1 Deluxe from GoG and have OpenRCT working with no problem.

Now. I want to export all my completed parks to OpenRCT and continue on from where I am. (I just completed Ivory Towers in Classic.) I don't want to have to start all over again.

I exported my save of Forest Frontiers, and dropped it in the RCT Classic save files folder. OpenRCT shows it in the load list, but when I click it, nothing happens. There is no error message, no warning, and the file doesn't open.

Is there a way to get my saves and progress out of Classic and into OpenRCT2? (If this is not a bug and simply a noob question, please feel free to move it and chastise me nicely.)


Edit OpenRCT2 v. 0.2.3 build ac7a1bebf7 (downloaded today, 7/27/2019)


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Uploaded the Forest Frontiers that won't open in OpenRCT2 and added version & build numbers.
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Yesterday, I played through Forest Frontiers in OpenRCT2 and saved the completed game. Later on, I moved the folder containing OpenRCT2, RCT1 Deluxe and RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack. When I later launched OpenRCT2, it asked for the location of the necessary files again, and I taught it where RCT1 was again as well.

Today, I attempted to open yesterday's Forest Frontiers save and OpenRCT2 displayed the same no response behavior. So it's not just saves from Classic, it's saves from any other version of RCT (or even the same version of RCT if it has been moved in the meantime).

I completed Forest Frontiers again, and OpenRCT will open today's save.

Note that I'm on a 2012 MacBook Pro, 9,1 running the latest version of Mojave.

Anyone have any thoughts? Can anyone want to try reproducing this behavior? Thanks!

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I suppose it could be macOS (or specifically: the combination of OpenRCT2 and macOS) - it wouldn't be the first weird glitch that for same reason only occurs when running OpenRCT2 on macOS. In fact, someone posted one two days before you. And I have also had saves that would actually behave differently, hitting assertions (which, in programming, are checks for things that should never happen) while loading the same save on another OS did not do so.

If you have access to a computer with another OS, like Windows or Linux, or could set up a VM or Boot Camp with one of these, you could try them there and see what happens.

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I took some time this morning to check the Console for any OpenRCT notifications.

When I try to open a park from another install of RCT (Open or Classic), the OpenRCT2 process throws this error: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 406 vs 537, 513, <private>

(The 406, 513 number vary. I also saw 408 vs 539, 410 vs 541, 413 vs 544, and 415 vs 546. All else remains constant.)

I also saw this from systemsd (Symptom Evaluator): "Received CPU usage trigger: OpenRCT2[7167] () used 90.00s of CPU over 127.82 seconds (averaging 70%), violating a CPU limit of 90.00s over 180 seconds."

and from the kernel: "process OpenRCT2[7167] thread 1360549 caught burning CPU! It used more than 50% CPU over 180 seconds (actual recent usage: 70% over ~128 seconds).  Thread lifetime cpu usage 90.056228s, (87.413305 user, 2.642923 sys) ledger balance: 90004389428 mabs credit: 90006950168 mabs debit: 2560740 mabs limit: 90000000000 mabs period: 180000000000 ns last refill: 127817334688 ns."

I did a bit of hunting about the Out-of-Sequence notification thing and it looks like a very slight error in the code can cause it ( a : where there shouldn't be one, or no : where there should be). Previous versions of OSX ignored these, but Mojave is stricter.

No idea about the CPU usage things.

Should I lay hands on another computer or have half a day to install linux on a spare drive or something, I'll test to see how things work there. I expect all will be fine and these are just Mojave being Mojave.


EDIT: I also tried granting OpenRCT2 Accessibility rights and Full Disk Access, hoping the file opening issue was permissions related. Alas. No joy.

Thanks so much for all your help and thoughts!

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