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Certain 4 station rides can't be saved properly

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After saving, some 4 station rides will be blank in the ride previewer. When trying to build them, nothing happens except an empty ride construction window opening and, if money is involved, an immediate build and delete transaction. From my testing, it seems that a faulty saved ride can be made by creating a 4 station ride in a way such that station 1 of the saved ride would be longer than 2 segments, though I don't know if it's the only way. Original RCT2 seems to have the same problem but simply raises an access violation upon selecting the faulty saved ride.

I've attached a save file with the same coaster in 4 rotations, with one station being 3 segments long and the others 2 segments long. The one named "4station fail" produces a faulty track file. I've also attached the faulty and non-faulty track files.

4station_testing.sv6 4station fail.td6 4station pass.td6

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