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OpenRCT2 to RCT Classic track design export problem

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I designed a Splash Boat ride on my laptop via OpenRCT2. I included there an "On Ride photo section". Then I sent the track design to my mobile phone where I exported it. Now, everytime I click to build Splash Boat ride in rctc, my game crashes. I think it happens because the photo ride section isn't included in rctc game. Now I don't have an in-game way to delete the track since the game crashes first. Is there a way to access the ride folder by my mobile to delete it from there? (I use an Android.) If not, is there any other possible solution? 

Thank you for response.

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Accidentally submitted first while the question was incomplete.

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Ok, thanks. You will need to take a look on the file system. You can do that with a file manager (available in the Play Store) or by connecting the device to a computer with a USB cable.

Unfortunately, the internet appears a little thin on details as to where RCT Classic stores its files. I would love to say which directory to look in, but lacking both an Android device and RCT Classic, I cannot look it up. What I would do is connect the phone to a computer and search for the name of the track design, or for files ending in *.TD6 (the track format that RCT2 and RCT Classic use).

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