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New Element (Nedesigns)

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Hello there,

I'm trying to access nedesigns for about a week and everytime it says "not possible to access this site". I've tried two different PCs with different IPs and still persists. Looks like the site is on but not responding the protocol call 443 or something. It seens like security config to the site has changed a bit

I'm trying to download some eyecandy parks, specially the spotlight ones


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I accessed it a few times late 2017, I even have an account there, but when I came back to the site last week I had this issue. Is there any other place where they upload the parks? I have a workbench with me but by some screenshots I found on google I couldn't help but notice there's some pieces I'm missing. Awning, roofs, decos etc.

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I have the names because I'm very familiar to these parks. Unfortunately I lost my back up recently. Since it's a bunch, I'll list by preference, in case i'm bothering too much.

Coors Park

Busch Gardens Asia



Zippo's Wacky World of Wonders


Baker Lake Amusement Park

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


Whoever has any of these parks and would like to share, I'd be very appreciated.

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