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Can't install new track designs

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Every time I try to save a new track design to use in a park it tells me I can't install it and that I need to give it another name because the one I'm using is taken.


So I try to give it another name because it brings up the naming dialog box, and when I type something else and hit save it just simply says "Can't install design track".


Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I rename the file to make it work or is the track just not able to be downloaded?

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The Track Designs manager is the red-headed stepchild of OpenRCT2, getting no attention.

You can also manage your track design by clicking the red toolbox in the title screen, selecting 'Open custom content folder' and navigating to the "track" folder. All your own designs should be there, and installing new ones from the internet is as simple as copying it to that folder.

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