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Big flat test park


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Hey everyone ! This is my new project. This time I did not spend much time on scenery or coaster building but I wanted to get as many guests as possible (meaning, this is not the most beautiful park to be honest). I carefully planned the layout (used 20x20 squares usually with 2 toilets, 1 food and 1 drink stall and 2-3 games). I finished the park (reached the 255 limit) but I only have around 5,8k guests. I would ask for your help to leave some comments and tips about:

-how to attract more guests

-how to organize my park better

-any other tips about building and sustaining a megapark

It would be great to make a list of the best tips on how to build the biggest park in rct2 because this is pretty hard I think. 

I used cheats to make it a bit simple, mainly because I didn't wanted the park staff to limit the guest number in the park but sadly I'm not even close to the limit (although it was my goal to reach it)

Here is a giant screenshot and u can download the saved game below. (If u log in you should check some points in the cheats tab anyway the park going to break hard :D E.g.: no littering, no vandalism, no breakdowns, and instantly fix all rides if u don't want  100+ rides to break down at the same moment :D )

I hope you guys see something special about my project like I do and help me :)
Don't forget the goal to have as many happy guests as possible !!!


Big Flat (1).sv6

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