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I bought the game off of Amazon, and got a download link for rct2. After trying to install OpenRCT2 for about 20 minutes, I started watching tutorials on Youtube, which didn't help, as the program would not be able to detect it, even after reading the 'README.txt' and naming files different things as a way to trick the program into thinking I bought it off of steam didn't work, is there any way to Install with the Amazon download link? Thanks in advanced!

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What is the exact error message you got? Can’t find g1.dat? In the case, install RCT2 and, if you installed it in a standard location, it should be detected automatically. If it’s not detected automatically, select the folder you installed it in, that folder should contain a ‘data’ folder with g1.dat inside.

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Ok, thank you! The amazon version does not have a data folder, but it has 2 data folders, named data1 and data2. so I will rename those files to see if that helps.

edit: didn't work, which was probably expected.

edit 2: I forgot to install, whoops sorry

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