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Some information kiosk orientations cause "can't get to entrance" notification

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Some information kiosk orientations next to some path locations relative to the stall cause the notification. Specifically, if any one or two ways shown in the pictures are the only ways that the stall is oriented and next to paths, then there will be notifications. Or i.e. if there is a kiosk orientation/path location combination not in the pictures, there will be no notification. This is relative to the initial orientation of scenario editor.

Sandbox 2018-07-22 16-54-31.png

Sandbox 2018-07-22 16-54-28.png

Sandbox 2018-07-22 16-54-26.png

Sandbox 2018-07-22 16-54-24.png

Sandbox 2018-07-22 16-54-32.png

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