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New to OpenRCT2, and loving it so far.... However, my computer (Laptop) has a touchscreen, and I would like to use it to play, as it helps reduce pain in my wrist and fingers, but in OpenRCT2, when I touch something on the screen, it acts as if it clicked twice! (clicking the rotate button rotates twice, clicking "Hire new mechanic" hires two, etc..) This does not happen when I play standard RCT or RCT2... (I can use the touchscreen as normal!)

Is there any fix for this??

If more info is needed, I am playing on Windows 10, and my computer is a Lenovo Edge 15.

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I'll make an issue for you on GitHub. This may be difficult to debug though, since I don't think any of the developers have access to a laptop with touchscreen.

Idealy we can add some form of logging to the input handling, then make a build that you can test, and give us back the output.

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