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Helios Research Facility


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For a contest on the RC&F Discord, we had to make a Steel Twister coaster with an industrial / mechanical theme. I decided to build a coaster with a station themed around a research facility.



Here's a view of the station. The lower deck is used by guest as a queue area for the coaster. The higher area is for people who like to spectate. Behind the building I made a transfer track with a storage building for the roller coaster trains.


After exiting the station, trains are first gently launched up the lift hill. At the top, they will immediately enter the first inversion.


After that they will plummet down and go through another three big inversions. 


After the first 4 inversions, the coaster will pass the mid course brake run on top of the building, where guests get a moment to catch their breath.


After the brake run, the trains will follow a helix around the solar panels, followed by a batwing and a final corkscrew before returning to the station.


Here are the stats, for the people who care :P


If you want to take a better look, you can download the map here:

Helios Research Facility.sv6

I hope you guys like it, I had tons of fun making this!

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