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Getting The Latest Server Version

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This post would be classified as a "Problem" under this "Problems, Bugs and Feedback" section. I am creating a new server on my Linux server and I wish to keep the server automatically updated. My current problem is that there is no way to directly see what the latest released server version is. I have three options here:

I don't know what I can do here. If someone could link me to a way of strictly finding the latest server version and not the client version (something that would be through altapi or similar would be nice) I would appreciate it. Thanks.


If this doesn't work out then I guess I will have to keep track of the version number in bullet #1 and check if it changed every time bullet #3 changes.

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Currently there is no way of checking for the latest network version through an API that I'm aware of. This is definitely something that we should include though! For now I think it's best to set up a cronjob that checks for NETWORK_STREAM_VERSION in https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/blob/develop/src/openrct2/network/Network.cpp and if it's different from your current network version check if the commit has a build. If you can manage to get the launcher running, you only have to run it and it'll update the binaries, then launch OpenRCT2 with the commands you want again.

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