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What i plan on doing this year.

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Im pretty new here, so i just want to start a topic. So many people have been doing alot of crazy things with OpenRct2. So ive decided that im going to do something crazy myself. What i plan on starting this year, is a post apocolyptic themed scenario pack. Kinda like a mad max styled wasteland theme. I may also include some of the custom designed coasters that i made in my "designing rollercoasters" short series. This may sound EXTREMELY ambitious, so who knows how long this pack could take once i start. 

If anyone has ideas for this possible scenario pack, Feel free to reply.

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8 hours ago, Deurklink said:

Taken inspiration from this? :)

Actually i didn't know you already had a post apocolyptic themed map of your own ^_^ but to be fair i guess it would count as an inspiration. Although it will be a bunch of scenarios like that.

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Update: The scenario pack has been started, Ive began the first beginner scenarios, I haven't decided yet on how many total scenarios there will be. 

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