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  1. 1. Which type of roller coaster you would like me to build? (It has to be the name of the coaster track, coaster name, with, or without scenery theme. Themes I don't have will be available soon. When you're done you can add a comments if you would like to.)

  2. 2. Real, or custom?

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So This one is called Funworld Springfields. Well, kinda look like somewhere in Alabama. But this is my park. This contains more than +50 rollercoasters, 30 thrill rides (I can't count right), 10 kids rides, 9 themes, one park. There's more photos in each themes I'll tell you on the next scenery & links, the next time if I get a chance to upload, or after lunch.

About this park: I built this, because I worked very hard to make it look satisfy. This was lasted March 1, 01 to ? ?, 1?.

History: This is where I built when I own RCT 3 Disk Pack: I pick RCT2, I use "Build your own Six Flags Park", then I start building the smallest park. But I don't know what to do anything else. But now, I almost know everything. Then I turned the older one, into this! So I decided to do this. The world biggest park in the entire PC games.

Funworld Springfield 2017-12-30 12-43-57.png

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