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Fun fact about my OpenRCT2 installation...

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The laptop on which I play OpenRCT2 doesn't have a regular RCT2 installation! I got the missing files from a RCT2 copy in an old computer running good old Windows XP. Since OpenRCT2 (and other programs I use) require newer Windows versions I moved to a laptop, and I copied the necessary files in order to run OpenRCT2, so I somehow managed to get a standalone installation of the game :D. That also explains why I don't have any pre-designed tracks avalaible.

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If you have the full game installed on the computer running Windows XP, you can copy over the files in the Tracks, Saved Games, Landscapes, and Scenarios folders from the installation directory to the track, save, landscape, and scenario folders in your OpenRCT2 directory respectively. Then the pre-designed tracks should be available.

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