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Need an opinion on block brakes

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So I just recreated somebody else's compact ride, but as a compact ride, it has a small station, and therefore can only run a single 4 car train, which means it can't handle very many people very fast. So the last track piece before the station, I threw in a block brakes, and bang, I've got two trains running, now. But there is a minor issue that each train stops for about a second (possibly two) at the top of the lift hill, as it waits for the other train to pull into the station.

My two questions are, would those who try to do a good job of designing coasters feel that second wait at the top of the lift hill were unacceptable, and secondly, am I using block brakes properly?

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It's not ideal but not a big problem either - much better than not using block brakes. If this is happening when the ride is running empty, it probably won't when the ride is running with riders (because it waits in the station longer). If you want to prevent the train waiting at the top of the lift, you can set a minimum wait time.

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