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Provide libdiscord-rpc.so in builds for linux

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I have problems running recent builds for linux. libdiscord-rpc.so is not part of any distro in binary or source package. I have made stub library with the same interface to run OpenRCT2, because I can't find any way, how to obtain libdiscord-rpc.so in binary or source form. There is just header file with the interface in the binary distribution of OpenRCT2.

Can you please add this library to builds so there is no need to search for it or build it?



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It seems like this issue is still happening in the latest builds, i've downloaded the following build:

 789b47b7bbf1b491811bb7d026c6666cf086eb0b (2017-11-18 12:08:23)

And it still complains about missing libdiscord-rpc.so:

error while loading shared libraries: libdiscord-rpc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


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