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LAN game not found

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I have set up a LAN based game. When I use the add server function to find my own game with a second instance of OpenRCT2, there is no connection. I have used both the network's IP and my IPv4 address in the add server function with no result. I fully allowed the program with Windows firewall. 

The thing that surprises me is that I can't connect to my server from my own computer (via a second instance of the game). The friend of mine that I am trying to set up this game with has the same issues. We both share the same network and router. I feel like should also clarify that I cannot access the properties or functions of the router as it belongs to my landlord. I figured I could get away with not port forwarding, but if it is a must, then I will not be able to use the multiplayer function. 

I have tried to change the port to match the last digits of my IP address as I have seen some suggest. I am just curious if I am doing anything wrong or I'm in unfavorable condition. 

Thanks to anyone who responds to this. 

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Your landlord's router may be blocking the port that openrct2 uses. Try changing it to something else that is not blocked (for example 21, which is used for FTP connections). You should be able to connect to your own computer by using your localhost address

If changing the port doesn't work, you and your friend could use Hamachi to get around the port forwarding issue.

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Thank you for responding and helping me out. 

Well, none of the ports that are commonly open have resulted in failure. I will have to contact my landlord and see if anything is available to work with. 

I did get Hamachi, it has been two years since I last used its service and I lack the knowledge of how I can use the network I set up to be multiplayer available. I assume the connection will need to use my IPv4 address? As for the port, I wouldn't know.

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