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Mountain + Water rides = Fun


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So, after not playing RCT2 for a long time, i decided to do something i have wanted to do for a long time: Combine a mountain with a ton of water rides (and mixed with some rollercoasters)!

From the entrance, the riders splash down a long slope, reaching speeds of almost 80kmh! After a big splash the riders are gently transported to the exit. From there, the empty boats will be transported upwards again through a complex system of conveyors while the poor customers will have to walk all the way up the mountain again! (Unless they use one of the transport rides, of course:D)


Happy Valley 2017-09-25 20-10-36.png

Happy Valley 2017-09-25 20-06-21.png

Happy Valley 2017-09-25 20-10-49.png

Happy Valley 2017-09-25 20-10-56.png

Happy Valley 2017-09-25 20-23-45.png

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