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I have never posted one of the parks I created, played and finished before, so here goes. The basic landscape for this park came from a park I downloaded in 2002 from a SV4 file. The original park name was kept in recognition of the person who created it. I scraped off everything except base land, cleared out the dats I didn't need or want and started from there. You will, if you pay attention, notice that several of the rides are right from the box. I used them that way because they served my purpose and I saw no need to modify them or try and disguise them. Additional scenery was added to enhance the setting. My original scenario was completed in 2005 and used what cheat tools were around at the time. It was the 33rd scenario I had completed. After discovering OpenRCT2 I reworked it using the new tools, rides and shops at my disposal. It was re-numbered 335 and the "C" means that the goal is X number of guests in X years. Each of my scenarios have one of 5 goals using the same scenario (ticket income, dollars of merch, 10 coasters, etc).

This scenario was played as a test to see how high I could price the rides and still keep the park profitable and busy. It also proves that if you lay out your paths in an orderly fashion you can keep the number of "too crowded" complaints to a minimum. It also proves that if you setup a transportation system you can make lots of money and have a large ridership ($3.00 fee, 9,678 customers and $24,950 profit in 3 years).59ac4ca36bd23_335C-NorthHamptonOaks2017-09-0312-47-26.thumb.png.a4f3e5f6e9553359c2fd75204bf3f069.png


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