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Start of a new roof/wall pack.

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Hello all! Long time RCT2/OpenRCT2 player but only lurker of the forums here.

One of my largest frustrations with the games stock scenery are that I like most of the default roofs and walls, but there are a lot of missing pieces that make buildings look fairly "incomplete" or "blocky". Another drawback is color-ability, which the best roof objects seem to lack. To try and alleviate this, I am working on a decently large array of roof / wall objects to fill the gaps.

As of now, the way I have everything masked out is that each roof type will contain 7 pieces (though, more will come). Along with each roof will be fitting "wall sections" that are actually generated as small scenery pieces (since most contain more than 2 angles). To alleviate a large exponential amount of roof pieces, the roof and fitting wall sections will be independently generated so every wall can fit with every roof. The pieces will all be zero clearance so they are easily placed. All wall types will also have an 8/16/32 color-able wall piece as well. The overall goal is to create a decent package group of roof and wall textures.

I plan on using the following roof and wall textures (all will be colorable):


Roof Textures
Shingle, Wood, Rusty Corrugated, Shaker (custom)



Roof Fitting Wall Textures:
Smooth / Flat, Wood, Dark Brick, Light Brick, Clean Brick, Stone Brick, Rusty Corrugated, Stone (custom)



Here is an example using the Shaker roof and wood fitting wall textures (tweaks are necessary, but using for placement testing):



Other planned pieces:


I figured I would drop this here to get any feedback/input prior to going nutty with everything yet.

Have any other ideas for textures (wall or roof) or shapes for the roof pieces? I am all ears.

Thanks all!

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This looks great! I've always been frustrated with not having the right roof shape/color, so I think this will be very helpful.

I'd suggest adding in the curved roof shape. Also, it would be nice to have the plain beige walls and the shinier colored walls in addition to the colored walls you already have.

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I am definitely playing around with the curved roof textures as well. The easy part of the cut off off angles is that the texture only needs to be rendered in 4 directions (NE, NW, SW, SE) and can be applied across all pieces using the mappings I made. Because of that, I can essentially use any wall texture and any roof texture and quickly render the textures to create the objects.

With the curve, I will need to generate new textures for the corners, basically 4 new angles of every texture. Can be done, just will take more time. Once I get the pack up and out involving the pieces I showed above, I will start working on corner pieces.

As for the sand/beige walls, I can definitely add that into the queue. Personally I don't like that texture that much (due to inconsistencies in the in-game textures) I know that a lot of people use them.

I have a decent list of things as I've been playing around that I am planning on doing in terms of custom objects, including:


New wide tarmac path that automatically angles corners (needs tweaks) and cross-angle versions of vanilla fences.

Quarter-tile versions of the roof pieces I showed above (just need to scale down my mapping and re-render)

More custom support (additions to my other thread like the long flat-to-steep curve supports, mine train wood supports, etc.)


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Thanks for the beige walls. And yeah, I figured the curved roofs would be more time-consuming because of the textures. No rush.

Those paths and fences seem pretty interesting and I'd love to see the quarter-tile roof pieces eventually. Also, adding more custom supports would certainly come in handy.

Great job on all of the scenery. It's nice to see someone working with the vanilla objects and making them more versatile and useful. I already downloaded the custom supports and I'll be sure to download the roof pieces as soon as they're up.

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Sorry about the fall-off in response. Life got a bit hectic, with my business getting slammed with end-of-year work and some family issues.

I plan on finishing these up shortly, probably right around the first of the year.

As for the quarter-tile objects, I could definitely crop down the textures, I just have to create some new masks and test them out.

I'll keep you all updated!

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