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Staff aren't getting paid / no loan interest

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I downloaded OpenRCT2 0.10 for Windows 64-bit.
There seems to be an issue that the staff are not getting paid. No loan interest is also being taken. Ironically, it shouldn't be a reason to complain haha, but it makes the game a little too easy for my liking. Is this intentional or have I enabled some cheat in the cheat menu that I can't find? I have looked everywhere.

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Thank you for a quick reply.

I downloaded 0.1.0 thinking 0.1.1 is a non-stable build haha.
Uninstalled 0.1.0, installed latest 0.1.1 and the problem still persists. Only things being taken away are shop stocks and food/drink stocks. Rest remains empty. I am playing on an RCT2 savegame.

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Yes, well that's the odd thing. The loan interest went down. I don't know if you can see this, but in one of the months, it recorded a small value. For all the following months, it just stayed empty.

I began playing on an RCT2 scenario which I edited using the default scenario editor and saved it in RCT2.

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@Kamil It's not a permanent fix, just a trick around the issue and you might want to report it on OpenRCT2's Github aside from doing this. But if you want to continue the park with paying staff wages and loan interest, you can reset the date. That seems to do it for me. ( My obsessive button click disorder comes to good use!)

EDIT: I've kept it running for a bit, so it doesn't go away after a few months and it didn't. While doing so I noticed that it involves a mission which requires you to have 3 500 guests after 10 years, so it might not be the IDEAL solution.

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When reporting issues on GitHub, make sure to fill in the form properly. Version 1.1.0 is not static until it gets released and we move on to 0.1.2 for development. That's why it's asking for the hash, which you can find in the bottom-left corner of the title screen, and in the launcher's options window. Linking to a topic on these forums is not convenient for the developers. Providing all information in the tracker will make it much easier for them to look into reported issues.

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