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Mulitplayer host problems

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Hey everyone i have a little problem. I looked this video to make a mutiplayer server, but it didnt work. I dont know if im just dumb or something like that, but my friend cant connect to my server. Ive done the port forwarding and the installation correctly. Just to say in the video a cmd window pops up after he started the Server on my pc this didnt work. There is no cmd window so maybe its because that?

Thanks for the help Alex / Altaris


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4 hours ago, jensj12 said:

The 'cmd window' no longer automatically pops up in recent versions of the game. That shouldn't be a problem. If you want it, open ORCT2 from it.

Make sure you enable 'advertising' when starting you server.

Yeah advertising is enabled. I found the problem my port forwarding didnt work correctly. I dont know why because i did it exact as they did in the video i saw.:(

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