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Guests will not wait in queues

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I actually joined the forum for this reason. In RCT2 vanilla, guests would wait for hours (literally) as long as entertainers and TVs were in the line. In Open RCT2 that's not the case. They start complaining after a few minutes even with entertainers and TVs. It's a real bummer because I spend a lot of time on long, themed queues. I really like the realism of long queues, makes your big attractions seem that much bigger. Any word if there is a way to fix this or if a change is coming?

I can provide screenshots of what I'm talking about, but in vanilla, all of my guests were all smiles even through a two hour queue. Everything about Open RCT2 is amazing, but I would love to see TVs and entertainers working like they did in vanilla. 



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Sure, the first park (Uncharted Territories - Uncharted Territories.SV6) has long waits. If you open it with Vanilla you'll see people happily waiting in line for ages, however in the Open, people start getting frustrated and stop waiting. The other park (Lost Worlds - Lost Worlds Final Save ++.SV6) is having issues in OpenRCT2. People simply will not wait in queue even though they did when I was editing it in Vanilla.

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