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RCT1 Title Music not Recognized by OpenRCT2

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Yes. I've checked to confirm that the file is indeed named correctly, and placed in the data folder.

Another note, if I set the path of RCT1 to the CD drive, many of the coasters and sounds are switched, but the music from RCT1 plays fine (EDIT: Only the sprites and sounds from the default RCT1 title scene and original scenarios are switched, I'm assuming that it's due to remapping of certain sprites between expansion packs).

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Yeah, I had some error (probably by a corrupt installation) that required me to have the Loopy Landscapes CD while having no path for said CD. I'm sure that reinstalling it would fix the problem, I don't know how it could've happened. Fortunately I have an old scratched up deluxe CD, and I also like using it to rip some songs for my iPod Nano--the old one-- so, I've been using that.

~I might just want to reinstall it...

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