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Game crashes immediately when I load my park

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Hi, i'm feeling quite down at the moment, since I spent the last two days working on a park and all of a sudden, when i clicked "unpause" it crashed.

I had the following message as an error :



I tried quite a lot of ideas but nothing seems to be able to fix that. If i start the game as it's paused, i can still play it but never unpause. I tried editing my park from there too, but even by deleting the whole thing, it's still the same situation.


That's why i'm asking for your help now, what can I do. By the way I also tried downloading the latest version of openrct2, but it has no effect at all.

Hopefully someone will help :)


(i'm linking my park in the post)(also sorry for the sloppy english, i'm not native, and in a rush right now)



To anwser the post below, since somehow I can't find a way to respond .. Does that mean there's actually nothing I can do? It's not the first time this bug happened to me, so that's like.. a dead end? Oh and yeah, the latest build just makes it worse, i can't even play while paused



Edit again : Thank you really much for the help :o I'm going to have a look at that asap!

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You should REALLY update the game. You're currently using version 0.0.3 which was released over a year ago. There's a good chance the latest builds (currently 0.0.8) can play the saved game, or at least not cause this issue again.

Edit: Just noticed the park was embedded in your post. The assertion is still being hit, even while paused, so it looks like the saved game has become corrupt.

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I've loaded your park and reset the map animations (these were causing the crash), to make the map playable again. This does mean that animated objects are broken (banners, water fountain, park entrance) and need to be rebuild in order to appear correctly. Now the sprites are only redrawn when something else invalidates the screen area by chance. Just look at the fountain and you'll see what I mean.


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