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tried to rebuild 'Taron' in a scenario


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Already have finished that scenario... its more like a show-case of the next "befor-end" save-files.

... you really need some sort of "show-case" thread, where everyone could simply drop a screenshot to get one or two quick feedback-replies



Funtopia 2017-02-02 00-42-38.png


The amount of turns is to a degree correct to the real one. But i have added a few extra block sections, to make it more profitable (Remember: Its a scenario!) And i hadn't access to all objects, that i needed for this recreation.

As a source, i used <Tobinator's Nolimits 2 recreation of taron> (and i also visited PHL last year)

EDIT: Couldn't fit Raik in there.

Raik is an exteded junior boomerang coaster located in the center of Taron.


Fun Fact: This coaster didn't pay off...

Excitment Rating: 3,4... 


Just one more thing:

The next "Befor-End" series will be more focused on style (as much as possible in terms of money), but i will also use the high-efficiency flatride layout.

After all official scenarios (and recreations) are done, i'll probably start with some scenarios, posted on this forum... but im not sure right now.

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