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My Shared Rides + Downloads


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There is my pack of my custom rides from OpenRCT2:

Unnamed park 2017-01-23 21-11-13.pngLobster(GDL).td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-23 21-11-22.pngLeaper(GDL).td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-23 21-10-34.pngMinty(GDL).td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-23 21-10-57.pngOrange Split(GDL).td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-01.pngAquadut.td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-55-56.pngThe Green Goblin.td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-23 21-10-11.pngBlack Mamba.td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-55.pngUnnamed park 2017-01-19 23-55-09.pngApollo 121.td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-26.pngUnnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-20.pngHijack.td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-23 21-09-42.pngGrapeful.td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-23 21-09-55.pngNight Looper(GDL).td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-44-22.pngUnnamed park 2017-01-19 23-46-54.pngSteamroller.td6

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-38.pngWhipper.td6

589501ed704eb_2017-02-0320-08-07.thumb.png.f4212dba4ba8ef216d50aac28e9caa2d.pngRed Rabbit.td6



(Requires "Show All Operating Modes" Cheat)


(Requires "Show All Operating Modes" Cheat)


(Requires "Allow Chain Lift To All Track Pieces" Cheat)




Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-56-56.png

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-55-00.png

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-46-04.png

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-50.png

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-44.png

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-45-14.png

Unnamed park 2017-01-19 23-44-54.png

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