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Hey guys, I just wanted to get your opinions on this RMC I am working on. It is heavily based off of Iron Rattler (because of the wall) and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The following pictures are me working on the ride. and the last one is the product I have so far. In the empty space I plan to build a small themed area, maybe a junior coaster. The ride is not completely done as the wall needs alot of detail and the colors of the ride are not yet final.

Crack Rock 2017-01-13 17-55-06.pngCrack Rock 2017-01-13 18-12-32.pngCrack Rock 2017-01-13 18-49-01.pngCrack Rock 2017-01-13 19-36-51.pngCrack Rock 2017-01-13 19-46-18.png 

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I like the layout, but I would avoid the wooden track - it just doesn't look right. I find water coaster track looks best, followed by Premier track, Arrow track, and then B&M track. It's really awkward using so many track styles, but the ones with the most pieces are also the ones that look the worst.

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