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Mirage Madness - High amounts of guests are trying to find other ride

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Provided is my save file.

I've recently started the Africa - Oasis scenario. That is, the one where you have two chairlifts and one monorail taking guests over to this really different area. On the Oasis side, I built Cobra, Woodchip, and a custom Go Karts ride that goes around them. I've noticed that my park rating and guest satisfaction are down, because the dead majority of them are in the Information Kiosk area. Many of them are saying, "It's too crowded here", but most of their intended actions are to go towards one of the three rides. I built a path on top that takes them there, but they seem to be trying to go otherwise to their destination.

Might there be a reason why or might my design be bad? I'm currently playing on the latest build, which was deployed as of three hours ago, but this existed in other builds as well. I had a similar issue with another scenario but a later build fixed that specific issue.

Mirage Madness.sv6

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The problem with maps like this is that the pathfinding AI that guides peeps to their destination only uses paths.  It does not use transport rides (that still has to be added).

You've built a path across the desert, but it only connects with the entrance of Monorail 1.  It still needs to be connected to the dirt path in the oasis section connecting all the rides.  As soon as that's done the peeps will walk across to their destination.

So this is a poorly designed scenario given the capabilities of the original peep AI, as @imlegos pointed out.

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