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Files Making Game Crash

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I've been working on a park for a while now, mostly using the original rct2 game, until I downloaded openrct2 about a month ago. It was working well the first couple weeks, but then, when I saved my scenario for my park and continued to play, the game crashed. I had accidentally deleted all my guests from my park using the cheats, but I had built a cool roller coaster after my most recent save, so I decided to save the game. I used trams to get my guests back up to their original quantity, which was about 4,000, and this caused mass amounts of glitching. I saved the game once more, and this is when the game started to crash. Every time I open my park, I have about 5 seconds until the game freezes and crashes. The only way around this is to pause the game, but what fun is that. I can play on every other park I have without this problem. Please help. I don't want all my 42 years of work to go to waste.

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Aha, I see another case of corrupted files.


You have a good chance of removing this issue: Likely, you've downloaded files that were inevitably going to screw up your game. Corrupted files are pretty easy to find nowandays. 


Fix 1: In order to get your game back to functionality, you need to go into RCT2's object data folder and remove anything that seems suspicious. Don't know what's causing the problem? Easy. There's a black box that opens with OpenRCT2, and it usually searches for issues (at least, from what I see). If you're lucky, you can catch the black box as the game crashes, but hasn't shut down. That black box should have every bit of information of what you may need to fix. Say,  'AEspace has corrupted' or something  like that. If you write down what it has said is corrupted, you can then go into RCT2's ObjData and find the corrupted files.

If you find the file/files that are corrupted, delete them immediately. 


Note: A good way to find corrupted rides/shops/files, ect... is look for shady looking things, such as glitches.


After you have done that, the game should work fine. If it does not work properly, there's a good chance you still have more corrupted files that you need to do 'Fix 1:' with. 


Fix 2: Download the very latest version of OpenRCT2. There may be a chance that whatever is awry in your version is causing an issue that's been fixed in a recent update. 


Fix 3: Do Fix 1 & 2.


If you STILL have issues, ask a more involved RCT2 player, or OpenRCT2 developer for more help. 


I hope I will have helped you! Good luck!


Edit: I failed to mention posting your issue to GitHub, as what @cascadia said, more devs will see it and be able to help you out way more than I can.


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