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Can't activate downloaded zip scenarios in open rct2

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Please forgive me as the newguy here.  Lots of years of play with RCT 1 and 2  but am stumped with this issue:

My System:  W 10 PC .   I downloaded and installed the most recent Open RCT2 and it works great!  Thank you to All!!!  


However I am running into a problem trying to use the zipped scenario  files from the source that was in a post on  June 18th 2016:     "A  nice heads up, there is a much better RCT1 scenarios pack made by a fellow on /vr/:  

The download went fine.  I unzipped the content into my Scenario Folder.   I do not see them on the main screen of Open RCT2.  I can't find a way to load any of them.  Have even tried to load them in scenario editor menu.  They are not there.  Nor are they in saved games or the "New" Category.  They are definitely in the Scenario File but they do not show up on the Open RCT2 user interface.   How do I access these files to load them?

O.o  Duhhhhhh!    I am reasonably good at this zip/install thing  (usually) but am stumped here.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Again Please exuse the newby here. 

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Opening a park via scenario editor does infact remove all rides, shops, and possibly queue paths. everything else, however, does remain.


I do recommend using the "Convert Save Game to Scenario" for this, as it should work.


Also, here's something no one has probably thought about asking; did you take the files OUT of the zip folder and put them into the mydocuments/openrct2/scenarios directory, or did you just put the zip file in there?

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Hi All:  

I would like to thank the folks that have answered my questions to date.   Sometimes, on forums the New Guy receives a lot of sarcastic remarks on things they should have known, etc.   Not the case with your replies.   I learn fast and apprecite all the nice replies and suggestions.    

I am now up and running.   A few questions as well as suggestions were posed in your replies:

Some replies to suggestions; 

YoloSwegLord:  You were the first to respond and helped a lot.  I answered your suggestion on my e mail program.

Imlegos :  A very good question you posed.  Yes, I did unzip the files into the appropriate working directories.  I initially had a little trouble deciding what file to unzip them to.  That was my initial problem and is now OK.

Charlie P.    I am going to try opening one of my saved games into the Editor and see what is wiped out.   LOL.

Those free zip files gave me lots of good scenarios.   I saved the original zip files so I can go back and reinstall them in their initial development stage if necessary., or if I simply want to start over again.

Naming and Saving Files:    I am still working on how to save the files with the updated work when I exit.  I did quite a bit of play (work) on one scenario and exited the program.  It asked if I wantd to save and I opted for Yes.  I am pretty sure the new work didn't save.  If it did, I can't find it.

One of the choices is the "Default" system folder.  The other is called "System Dialog Window".  I could use a little guidance here on which folder to use when saving or reopening previous games. 

Thanks again for any help!



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The default folder is the "c:\......\OpenRCT2\Save " folder. This is folder I would save my games to. The other"System Dialog Window" takes you to which ever folder outside the game you opened last. Use it if you are looking for let's say something from your Download Folder. In that mode you can then search around to find what you are looking for and select it. After selecting the file you will need to click on the OpenRCT2 icon in your lower tray and re-open the working program.

One thing I always do when saving a game is I NEVER select "Save Game", I always select "Save Game as", then "New File" . That way you will see the name of the file and let's say you are building a park, you can then put a suffix at the file's end like "Test Game", "Test Game a", etc.

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