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Hello every one here.


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My name is kangoeroe (dutch for kangaroo becuase its my favorite animal) Real life name Kevin Heller, i am from holland and realy likeing this version off RCT2. I hope it becomes as big as openTTD.My first Theme Park game was Theme Park, to bad bulfrog is been taken over by EA.My first RCT title was RollerCoaster Tycoon.i am just a dutch guy who likes theme parks, attarction parks, rollercoasters (favorite junior coaster type big apple/wacky worm) ,Halloween, scania trucks (dislike renault trucks), pirate stations (or in dutch geheime zender), games (board games (like to set up dominoes like you have seen on tv in domino day) /pc (thinking of buying RCTWorld after seen the play trough video) /xbox/ps games (liking the pokémon games) Furrys i got a furaffinity page http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kangoeroe/ I hope this says enough.

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