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Internet Server list+ Dynamic IPs

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Hi developers,


let me start by saying what an awesome job you have made, me and my friends have been playing SOOOO MUCH  by now and it still is fun.

Actually, I strarted (and shut down by now) 4 dedicated Servers on a 2Watt Lattepanda-Server, which is awesome, that it all works but I am facing one issue:

Every night I get a new IP Adress. So when I start my server it registers itself to the Server list but the list does not recieve an update when my host IP changes. I have mapped a static cname to have my pple join but other players only see the server but cannot join by clicking it (because by then my IP has changed).

Could you please add a frequent Check in the client if it's hosting IP has changed and If changed send the changed IP to the server list?

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