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  1. Hi developers, let me start by saying what an awesome job you have made, me and my friends have been playing SOOOO MUCH by now and it still is fun. Actually, I strarted (and shut down by now) 4 dedicated Servers on a 2Watt Lattepanda-Server, which is awesome, that it all works but I am facing one issue: Every night I get a new IP Adress. So when I start my server it registers itself to the Server list but the list does not recieve an update when my host IP changes. I have mapped a static cname to have my pple join but other players only see the server but cannot join by
  2. Yes that's one of his names. The biggest Problem stillnis that the server list does not refresh if my ISP changes my IP Adresse. After one day my Servers are not accessible anymore. And running it via my chronjobs seems to work not in every Case.
  3. I will try that. Right now I only have a Fritz.Box! I schould fire up my big firewall again. Today he came twice as fas as I noticed. That's his gain? he can only chat, no one is there to even read or reply.
  4. he is rejoining ... 10-20 times a day with an interval of 20 seconds and then a gap of an hour or to till his next ... wave
  5. I do. Unfortunately that means every new person is not allowed to chat aswell. ... but I got his IP adress for now and thinking off my own ways to ... let him concider leaving me alone *coughs*
  6. I just got to know everyont that builds there
  7. Yes, that is what I do. But I cannot be on all the time. He still joins with these names and chats all insults as primitive as he can find.
  8. Yes, as I mentioned in this other post, every Night I get a new IP from my ISP and the Server List from OpenRCT2 cannot handle that. So basically Hosting 24/7 is NOT possible for me. I found a workaround by doing a chronjob that restarts the hosting process every 23 hours. But that would mean the "Disable Vandalism" Cheat is off again. In my opinion a major issue that should be fixed by a start parameter or .ini file. However, when you tried to join "Wolfpark" it was still running because I turned off the 24h restart. I do that manually for my 2 other servers now. Since there is ONE
  9. Hi community, for month now I have been hosting a server for my private group of friends (Hanserunde). Two days ago then I started "Wolfpark" a -So-I-thought Free-4-All Permanent Server. Like Babylon 5 in season 3 ... IT FAILED. Some assholes griefed, others yelled "Heil Hitler" and the rest kept to himself, forbate others to interact coasters and I got annoyed an do not know how long I keep it up. But something else came up: I realized that ... WHEN people were building they all built ... like ... "I take 25x40 squares and construct a compact coaster on it. Then I f
  10. Dear community, I am hosting a server for some weeks now but I have one problem: When I keep running my server overnight, no one can connect to my server when I get a new IP adress from my provider. I am promoting my server in the list and is STILL shows up but connection is not possible. No problem, since I know my new IP comes every day 5am, I simply created a chronjob to stop / start my server at 6am every day. But when I do so, the cheat "Deactivate Vandalism" is off. It seems not to care how often I activate and save it. Is there a way to save it permanently or start
  11. Why does it occur then when I host it with WINE? I mean then it IS a windows .exe hosting the game afaik
  12. Some weird addition. When I host it using Wine (I thought it might be the ultimate workaround) then I get the same: The Network Version is not shown to the client. When I try to join I get to 63KB than I am thrown out.
  13. Hi folks, I am trying to host a game on my Lubuntu 15.10. I had to install a bunch of libraries even after following the install instructions but I think something still isnt right: When I host a multiplayer game, any client does see it as this dark red marked game: Network version: *none shown* The console says while hosting: Error .../TcpSocket.cpp:148 (Listen)]: IPV6_ONLY failed .92 Ready for Clients... ALSO lib pcm.c:7905:snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred Can please anyone help? When I host the came with Windows, my Linux ca
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