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If I ever actually finish this, it'll be a design submission to NeDesigns. Anyway, here are some pics:

viper 2016-09-19 12-44-30.pngviper 2016-09-19 12-44-39.pngviper 2016-09-19 12-44-49.pngviper 2016-09-19 12-44-54.pngviper 2016-09-19 12-45-00.png

I'm mainly looking for feedback on what you guys do/don't like about the coaster. What looks good, what doesn't, and what do you guys think I should add, things like that. I know I need to add foliage, but it's gonna be one of the last things I do so I don't have to go back and delete a ton of foliage in one area to add in a building or something.

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