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I want to upload some tracks to the store, but I have a few questions:1. Can I upload multiple tracks as a trackpack? If I put them all in a zip and upload, will others be able to download and install them all at once (through the launcher)? I've made some duelling coasters (which should always be bundled together) and a lot of 5x5, 5x10 and 10x10 coasters that I'd like to share.2. How are images generated? I see they are auto-generated in the CoasterCloud, but do tracks have that too?3. For some minetrain coasters I really need an option to save the terrain with the coaster track =PSuggestion: add a 'park showcase' tab to the content store, otherwise this will sometime happen in the scenario's tab (and would be perfect for my park with compact coasters :D).

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1) Yes, you can upload a zip file. I need to create the .rct2mod file manually (at this moment) so I can sort it out the way you want to :)2) Manually, if you don't add an image we'll make one for you.3) Not possible at the momentSuggestion: Euhm.... Yeah, saved games you mean? I've chosen not to add this to the store... You can create a topic if you wish to showcase your game

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1. Okay, I've uploaded my trackpack to the store. I'd like to keep it as a single download. Have fun reviewing all tracks :D Here's the pic: View image3. I might try to add it someday, once I can get my hands on developing. Coasters like this are useless without: View image4. Yes I meant saved games, there's no way to attach saved games to forum posts right now.

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Yes you can attach saved games to forum posts.If they're on the coastercloud, that is. Click on the saved game you wish to share, and click on Share :p You can now copy the URL in the address bar and post that to the forums. The game will be shared in this state (if you upload a new version, your 'share' won't change)

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