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Black screen in build

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First and foremost the biggest round of applause for you guys developing this fantastic mod! Thank you!

Hoping this is the right place for bug reporting, otherwise please just tell me where to go to and I'll be happy to help!

I get a black screen when using the latest build ( I also tried some earlier builds of the, then I can see the game but the roller coaster tracks are invisible. I went as far back as to the build. None of the issues are noticed in the stable build though and everything seems to be working OK there. I am running Windows 10, using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460.

Thanks in advance and good luck with everything, really looking forward to seeing what's in the builds ahead!



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You're using a 64 bit build. 64 bit code cannot call into the original 32 bit code, so all code from the vanilla game is removed in the 64 bit builds. That is mostly drawing code, so you will find that most coaster tracks are missing. Until all the original code has been reimplemented, you have to stick with 32 bit x86 if you want the full functionality.

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