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Traslation (ES)


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Hey guys, i hope you are good at all :)Im meeting this new RCT2, i saw it and i got excited a lot cuz' this was my favorite game and i play it in this days and its amazing that it gets all of RCT1, for example i loved that gray theme and the financial buttons (yea its something little but i love it) so i have free time and i could traslate to Spanish :).If it helps i could be a volunteer.

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You can find all information about translating the game on the /OpenRCT2/Localisation GitHub repo.https://github.com/OpenRCT2/Localisation (Click here to create a new file)So in short: All you need to do is take the english_uk.txt file (here, copy it in your new file) and start translating. Make sure to keep the stuff between curly brackets {}, they will be replaced with variables. For example: {WINDOW_COLOUR_2}Cash spent: {BLACK}{CURRENCY2DP} would become {WINDOW_COLOUR_2}Geld uitgegeven: {BLACK}{CURRENCY2DP} in dutch.Also, make sure to push to the repo once in a while. This way we can monitor how far the translation has progressed. Other people who speak Russian would also be able to translate or improve the localisation file.If you have any questions, just shoot :)(copied from this topic)

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